Northern night Crystal sculpture

Make your home even more cozy and close to nature with this handmade sculpture of an Arctic fox standing on a beautiful druze of quartz and pyrite crystals. Druza has golden overflows and resembles the harsh northern nature where the beautiful northern animals of our planet live. The sculpture is decorated with natural stabilized colored moss and gold foil.

This sculpture is one of a kind. She is made with love for nature, creativity and detail. Made of high-quality materials and hand-painted.

This forest magic figure will decorate your home and make it even more cozy. You can put it on the shelf, your desktop and anywhere else. It will definitely give you real pleasure and you will want to be in the forest with this Arctic fox.

The figure is made of German baked polymer clay, covered with acrylic paints and matte varnish. This piece can be the perfect and cute gift for yourself and your loved ones!

The sculpture will be packed in a small craft box with our branded seal. The box will also be tied with a rope. You can give a product in this box. We can also send the parcel to the person you want to give this product to. To do this, leave the data of this person when placing an order :)

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